Brochures and publications

To facilitate the implementation of circular principles in practice, we present two valuable publications.
Brochure Cirkulárne Slovensko 2022 presents 17 successful examples from practice in the circular economy in Slovakia. 
We have mapped scientific, research and expert capacities working on the circular economy.

Cirkulárne Slovensko 2022

The brochure offers a selection of sectorally diverse business models of private companies as well as activities and initiatives of non-profit organizations and local governments. The aim of the brochure is to show the public the practical side of circular principles or business models and to inspire a change in thinking.

We would like to thank all respondents for their participation in the creation of this publication and for the development of a circular Slovakia.

Scientific, research and expert capacities in circular economy

This publication features experts and researchers active in the field of circular economy. The aim of the authors of this brochure is to introduce and mediate professionals who can collaborate in the circular transition of the Slovak Republic.